Sloth music

Assorted cover songs of music by other artists, named case by case. Except where otherwise noted, arrangements, all instruments and vocals by Panu Matilainen.


In Joy and Sorrow

This HIM cover is a birthday special for my beloved wife. One of the bridesmaids sang this over a backing track made by me in our wedding back in the day, but no recording of that emotional performance exists. That was over ten years ago, and I believe the message of the song deserves reinforcing from time to time.


Wedding music

These songs are tailor-made covers for a friends wedding, with vocals by the bride herself. It was a challenging project as I had absolutely zero experience of orchestral arrangements. All instruments sequenced with Pyramid, using Roland JV-1080 and U-220 synths.

Once Upon a Dream is originally from the Disney animation Sleeping Beauty, but this version is much closer to Lana Del Rey's cover in Maleficent and served as a somewhat unusual wedding waltz at the occasion.

Thousand Years, originally by by Christina Perri, is famous from the Twilight movie soundtrack. The version here is very different from the original, as it is an entirely orchestral arrangement and much shorter to better suit it's purpose as the wedding march.

By Panu Matilainen