Sloth music

Home studio productions over the years. Except where otherwise noted, all compositions, lyrics, instruments and vocals by Panu Matilainen. Ordered newest on top.


Fat Back Tires

A rhythm and blues song about drag racing, inspired by Burnout Party 2018. Features my first song lyrics and recorded vocals in over 25 years, so if it's a bit rusty...

In addition to vocals, the electric guitars at center and right channel are played live, everything else sequenced by Pyramid + Roland JV-1080 synths. Also my first original song recorded and mixed in the "full blown" studio I've been building since early 2018 with a proper mixer, separate multitrack recorder, effect rack + patchbays to connect it all.


Until That Day

A slow instrumental song. Originally came up with the chorus melody while fooling around with some wild Guitarix preset sounds in 2017. The sounds in the final version are far more straightforward and no computers involved. I always imagined the song would have lyrics, but eventually realized I didn't quite know what the song is supposed to be about. No wonder coming up with those lyrics felt next to impossible.

Recorded and mixed on Zoom R16. Electric guitars played live, solo improvised on the spot, everything else is sequenced by Pyramid + Roland JV-1080 and Roland Gaia synths.

Not Alice

An experiment to create some thrash-metal, just so my friends wont get all bored up by them slow lullabies that I keep coming up with. The name is a joke is about the genre name which I still keep misspelling.

Recorded and mixed on Zoom R16. Drums sequenced with Zoom RT-234, everything else played live, although in relatively small pieces. As in, lets come up with a bass line for the chorus and record those parts before I forget the line. Repeat for all parts and two to three guitars, and that sort of explains why one guitar harmony is missing - I simply accidentally fast-forwarded the section while recording. And afterwards, I couldn't remember how to play a single one of those riffs or lines.


Sometimes on the Phone

A slow, kinda elevator-jazzy instrumental song. I created the background as an excuse to play guitar solos, but before I ever got the guitar hooked up, the sax somehow stole the show. It's my first-ever keyboard solo of any kind, accidentally improvised on the spot.

Recorded and mixed on Zoom R16. Drums sequenced with Zoom RT-234, everything else played live using Roland Gaia synth for the soft pad and Yamaha YPG-225 keyboard for the piano and sax.


Tuonen Tahto

A moody instrumental, custom-made for the trailer of my wife's first novel by the same name. My first original composition and recording in roughly 23 years.

Recorded and mixed with an open-source DAW software on Linux. Managing the level and panning changes would've been a bit of a challenge manually, but nothing compared to all the pain caused by latency issues, software glitches, crashes, version incompatibilities and mouse-hand cramps. The DAW is intentionally left unnamed because I think it would be unfair to call it out here when this is simply the name of the game with DAWs. This was my first-ever original song project that I completed with a computer setup, and if I can help it, it'll also be the last. Ptui!

By Panu Matilainen