It’s only been little over a month since was released, and I certainly didn’t expect to put out a new maintenance release out this soon but… the list of fixes has already grown long enough for it to make sense. RPM hasn’t exactly been known for quick bugfix delivery times, can’t hurt at least to try to change that by releasing more often – as often as it takes. So today I put out the first release candidate of RPM maintenance release.

Ralf Cors├ępius has been doing a major cleaning up the cluttered and twisted make-system of rpm and also developing an automake-based test-system in the development tree. Meanwhile, I’ve been mostly trying to stay out of his way to minimize disruption and been hunting through bugzilla for existing patches which have been gathering dust there for ages; those fixes make up a large part of contents.

As a result of these activities and getting RPM delivered to FC6 and F7 as an update, the RPM bug-count for Fedora in has gone down considerably. It’s still way too high (over 90 open bugs) but that’s roughly 33% lower than it was in May. It might be nothing to write home about, at least progress is being made and folks getting their bugs fixed.

Oh and naturally the RC is soon to be found in Fedora Development repositories near you, it’s already packaged up and built and waiting just for repository push.

2 Responses to “RPM RC1”

  1. mattdm says:

    What’s bug #248128 (update scriptlet names to match with reality)? It’s “access denied”.

  2. pmatilai says:

    Lots of RHEL bugs are private without a very good reason… That one is entirely cosmetical bug: if posttrans or various other scriptlets fail, rpm says “%unknownscript failed” instead of telling you the scriptlet name. Only affects troubleshooting, no functional difference.