To clear up any false expectations: Rahul, contrary to what you wrote, RPM doesn’t “fix the YUM CTRL-C issue”. If you read carefully what I said, that work has been done in rpm.org development branch, and will almost certainly be backported to the 4.4.x branch in the next maintenance release.

That said, the relevant patches are already included in Fedora Development RPM and thus will be in Fedora 8 starting from test1. But the RPM part is just an enabler, additionally YUM needs to make use of the new rpm-python methods before CTRL-C (and other normal exit signals) start working as expected. Initial patch to do this has just gone into YUM upstream but by the looks of things, F8-test1 wont yet have it as test1 has just been frozen.

Update: Seth says that thanks to a hiccup in the test spin he was able to slip the patch into test1 after all, excellent…

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