RPM and the way forward

At a long last, RPM is finally out after three release candidates and several weeks of testing in Fedora Development repository. It’s only a maintenance release, but rather significant in that it is the first RPM release from rpm.org since the “upstream reboot” in December 2006. For the glory details, see the announcement on rpm-announce list.

Many moons have passed since 4.4.2 release, and thus the list of included fixes and cleanups is longer than one would perhaps otherwise expect from a minor maintenance release such as this. The list could’ve easily been much longer, but there’s a limit in how many changes one wants to include in what’s supposed to be a very stable and mature release. And besides, while the main focus will now be in the next major release, it’s quite likely that we’ll put out another minor maintenance release in the meantime to bring in some of the accumulated work from rpm.org development branch. Such as the support for getting YUM to honor CTRL-C again…

Oh and naturally the new version is soon to be found in Fedora Development repository, and eventually will be made available as an update to at least Fedora 7 and possibly Fedora Core 6 too.

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